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Payless Equipment – Premium Quality Material Handling Equipment.

Allen Brokaw started Payless Equipment in 1983 to provide commercial and industrial clients with a better choice for all their material handling equipment needs. Years later, Payless Equipment has become the top leader for specializing in premium quality materials, handling equipment for you and your business. We specialize in premium quality Casters, Hand Trucks, Pallet Jacks, Conveyors, and other related equipment at truly competitive prices.

Located at 5314 N 39th St, Tampa FL 33610, we serve the needs of various companies in different industries across Central Florida. Our goal is to beat large catalog house prices by a wide margin so you get the best for your buck. With that, we can deliver items in stock within the same or next business day with no freight charges. Serving the Tampa Bay Area, we are dedicated to helping you and your business.

We cater to a diverse mix of industries which includes: Light-to-Medium Industrial, Manufacturing and Warehousing, Food Processors and Distributors (Bakeries, Fisheries, Grocers, Brewers), Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks, Cruise Lines), Institutional Services (Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Corrections/Jails), and others. Whatever industry you’re in, if you need out standing material handling tools and equipment at fair prices, we’ve got all your needs covered, here at Payless Equipment!

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Payless Equipment has a dedicated staff able to assist with any purchase, regardless of level of buyer expertise. Payless Equipment sells casters, hand trucks, delivery carts, and much more.

What can Payless Equipment do for you? Payless Equipment is currently equipped to provide service in the following areas: Casters, Pallet Jacks, Lockers, Dock Plates, Pedestal Fans, Platform Trucks, Hand Trucks, Shelving,…And More!

Our Commitment: Here at Payless Equipment, our goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied with the quality and price of their purchase. Our founder personally stands behind every product sold, so you can buy with confidence. Our commitment is to bring you superior service and excellent product selection at a great price.

Customer Service: At Payless Equipment, we strive to bring you the best in customer service. Our staff is highly trained and skilled to combat any problems you may encounter, regardless of personal expertise. At Payless Equipment, you will always be treated as a valued customer.

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We stock a large selection of Quality Casters and will assemble your Order for Quick Delivery
We feature Durable Superior Casters, and stock components in order to Customize Casters to your specifications.
We provide High-Quality Casters from Leading Manufacturers including COLSON/JARVIS/ALBION/MEDCASTER/PEMCO, DURABLE SUPERIOR, BLICKLE, HAMILTON, and more…

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Hand Trucks

A large selection of aluminum hand trucks, folding trucks within a wide range of different sizes and weight capabilities.

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Platform Trucks

Check out our large selection of Platform Trucks. Ranging from Cushion Truck to Heavy Duty, you can find the best Platform Trucks on this list.

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Specialty Products

Whether you need Pallet Jacks or Conveyors, Payless Equipment has the products for you. Choose from Platform Trucks to Shelving equipment. Your one-stop-shop for all equipment and handling products.
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Dock Boards

Are you looking for a specific Dock Board? Whether you need Seal Shelters or Strip Doors, Trailer Jacks or Wheel Chocks, we the product for you.

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