Colson/Albion/Jarvis/Medcaster®, Footmaster®, and Blickle® Casters

Our company is a recognized dealer for many high quality caster manufacturers in the US, Europe and Overseas. We can get virtually any caster available and specialize in high volume/bulk casters as well as hard to get casters for medical, laboratory, food industry, and heavy industry. Durable Brand, Colson/Albion/Jarvis/Medcaster, Footmaster, and Blickle (Germany and US) are just a few of the companies whom we engage to get our customers the right caster for the job. We stock casters for nearly every application including stainless steel, Metric, and high temperature rated casters and wheels. Hospitality and furniture/cabinet manufacturers are key industries that we serve as well.

Nearly all casters are available with a variety of brake styles and we can add swivel locks or leveling feet as well. Free delivery is available in the Tampa Bay area with your bulk purchase. Please call or email for details.